Sugarbeets in Idaho are a valuable commodity, bringing huge economic benefits to the state and providing thousands of jobs to Idahoans.

Sugarbeets contribute $300 million. Accounting for 10% of Idaho's total cash receipts from crops
  • Sugarbeets contribute $300 million in revenue, accounting for about 10 percent of Idaho’s total cash receipts from crops.
  • Processed sugar from Idaho sugarbeets brings in about $900 million in annual revenue.
  • Amalgamated Sugar, a grower-owned sugarbeet processing company, has about 1,600 employees and accounts for 2.5 percent of all manufacturing jobs in Idaho.
  • Pulp byproduct from sugarbeets is used as high-quality, inexpensive feed to beef and dairy cattle.
  • About 7 million tons of Idaho sugarbeets are hauled a year, providing additional trailer manufacturing and truck operator jobs.